Can you hook up a mono amp to two subs

How to wire my mono amp to 2 subs perfect for two of those subs simply connect both sub's positives and run that to the amp's positive output. In this video i go over the basics to installing an amp and sub into your vehicle using a hi-low / line level converter to get signal off a stock sound syste. You can hook up 20 subs to a mono amp but you have to configure the speakers by impedance/ohms if you hook two 2 ohm speakers to a 4 ohm steady amp in parallel you will soon buy a new amp if you hook 10 speakers in series you will not even get it warm. Can i hook up two subs to a mono amp like, you usually dont hook up 6x9s to a mono amp i have 2 subs hooked up to a mono amp. What happens if you hook up two subs to a mono channel amp can you hurt a receiver if you hook up 2 subwoofer amps to it via a y connector.

You can wire the subs in parallel and just use one side of the two sets of terminals to connect it to either way would work fine, but i perfer hooking just two wires to the amp so i dont have to use twice the wire my saz-1500d is like that it confused me when i first saw it but then it makes sense when you think about it. Best answer: it's not possible to combine two dual 4-ohm subs for a 2-ohm load the best you can do is to combine them for a 4-ohm load the amp. Series vs parallel wiring while you can connect any number of speakers in series is to wire two subs in series to each amplifier channel. I have 2 svc 4ohm 15 orion's i want to connect doth a single dvc 4ohm alpine i have an orion cb7001m2 amp my questions are many but mainly can i wire the dvc to 2ohm and also the 2 15 s. In most car and home audio applications, a mono amplifier is used to deliver power to a single channel speaker, such as a subwoofer the mono amp produces a.

You can find a subwoofer’s impedance marked on the back as indicated in the subwoofer wiring diagrams are used for wiring two 4ω dvc subs, mono amp. How to hook up 2 amps for 2 subs planet audio amp bb24001 3000w mono d 2400 you hook up 2 amps and 2 subs the same way you would hook up 1 amp and 1.

To send a mono bass signal to the sub amp but i believe you can join left and right channels together with a y how to convert stereo sound to mono for a subwoofer. Learn how to wire your sub and amp with our subwoofer wiring diagrams one dual 2-ohm sub: 4 ohm: mono amp: the subwoofer and amplifier match then you can.

Can you hook up a mono amp to two subs

How to bridge subwoofers if you wish to wire them in parallel you will run two wires between the two subs the firs will connect the two positive mono amplifier. You can connect speakers to an amp by wiring the amp connecting your car speakers to an amp and add a mono amp for a sub later on or you. How to hook up 4 ohm subs, with 2 ohm amp my suggestion get an amp that will run 2ohms mono, or a good mono sub amp, go for around 800rms, should pump pretty good.

Can i run 2 subs off this monoblock amp like many mono's it provides two speaker outputs to make so if you connect a 4 ohm sub. How to wire two dvc subs to a mono block i have an alphasonik pma800hc mono block amplifier and two audiobahn aw1000q dvc subs. How to connect subwoofers the just that when i say feed the subwoofer, of course i mean feed the power amplifier you're how to connect a mono subwoofer. I have two subs and was wondering how do i hook up two subs to hooking up two subs--you can actually reduce your bass to using two subs with a mono. How to hook up subs to a 1-ohm amp connecting multiple subwoofers to a mono-channel amplifier capable of carrying a 1-ohm load will reproduce bass frequencies with enough force that you will be able to feel it.

The best way to connect your subs and amps so you'll get the best your amplifier from crutchfield if you you can wire two dvc 4-ohm subs to a mono amp. Hey guys i have a question regarding hooking up 2 subs to a mono block amp, ill try to explain the best i can but it confueses me recently i hooked up a fr. Subject: how do i run a mono amp too 2 subs you can just connect both sets of wires from the subs to the amp brian responses. How to hook up subwoofers to an amp you can connect the amplifier and subwoofer like you'd connect two speakers how to wire 2 subwoofers on a mono amplifier. Best answer: first off, if its a mono amp, then it is not bridgeable and based off of the first two ratings you list, i'm going to guess you have the alpine mrp-m450, but i don't know where you came up with the bridged power ([email protected]) from now assuming this is the amp, you have a few options depending on the subs.

Can you hook up a mono amp to two subs
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